Family Practice

At Cornerstone Family Practice we believe that true family practice means taking care of the entire family. As we provide low risk obstetrics and pediatrics in addition to full spectrum care for adults, it allows us to keep your family’s care all in one medical home. In the confusing world of medicine today we feel it is advantageous to have a consistent provider to manage your healthcare needs.

Our focus at Cornerstone Family Practice to health maintenance as good health is the cornerstone to a good life. We offer full well exams including fasting blood work at various times throughout the day to accommodate our patient’s schedules. We have a full time Phlebotomist in our office to allow patients to have their labs drawn conveniently at the time of their visit or as a scheduled lab visit only.

For our pediatric patients we offer all state mandated vaccinations and participate in the Vaccine for Children’s Program for our Medicaid and uninsured patients. For information on individual immunizations refer to the Center for Disease Control vaccination information sheets. We provide Sports Physicals at a reasonable cost with appointment times available after school hours. We also strive to have same day appointment availability for acute illnesses to minimize the need for Urgent Care/ER visits.

For our patients transitioning into the Medicare system we do continue to provide care for our established patients only. Unfortunately at this time we cannot accept new Medicare patients.