Dr. Lisa Gieseke, DO

After graduating from the Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California in 1995, I moved to Denver to complete my training at the HealthONE Osteopathic Family Medicine Program. Following residency, I spent 2 years working for a primary care office on the campus of Rose Medical Center. I then had the opportunity to realize my long-term goal to have my own practice here in Aurora and we have now been here 5 years.

My practice in family medicine focuses on establishing a unique relationship with my patients and their families. This allows me to incorporate not only the physical aspects, but also the mental and spiritual aspects of their lives into their medical care.

I am also interested in including alternative/complimentary medicine to patient care, as more patients are looking for more natural approaches to maintaining their health. Also, as an osteopathic family physician, I have completed over 400 hours of training in osteopathic manipulation therapy and am able to offer my patients additional treatment options in combination with their traditional medical care.

In addition to primary care medicine, I also provide obstetrical care to my patients as well. As a family practice physician I strive for a low intervention delivery while having appropriate surgical back up if it is necessary. I enjoy being involved in such a special time in my patient’s lives and since I also care for the babies I deliver, it makes my practice of family medicine very fulfilling.

I am blessed with a wonderful husband, two beautiful daughters, two cats and a dog. We enjoy spending time in the outdoors, camping, biking, skiing, etc. I also enjoy making a variety of arts and crafts.

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